Other Liabilities

Other Liabilities Coverage

No matter how careful you and your medical staff are, you face risks every time a patient visits your office. In order to protect against these risks, Klima Sorrell Insurance Group provides a variety of liability coverage options.

General Liability Insurance Employment Practices Liability Insurance Cyber Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

General Liability protects health care professionals from lawsuits that patients, delivery workers and other visitors might file in the event of accidents. General Liability insurance covers injuries, property damage and advertising injuries, such as slander and libel. It is possible to bundle General Liability insurance with other medical policies.



Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Large practices and corporations have many employees and need insurance to cover potential employment lawsuits. However, small practices are often the most vulnerable because they lack an employee handbook or legal department to handle proper procedures regarding hiring, terminating or disciplining workers.

EPLI protects employers against employee claims involving discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other employment-related matters. The cost of insuring your practice will depend upon several factors, including:


  • Number of employees
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Employee practices and protocol 
  • Previous lawsuits 

Cyber Liability Insurance

In this digital age, sensitive patient information is stored online. Cyber liability insurance protects your practice in the event that this information is compromised, by providing coverage for legal costs associated with data breaches, fraud monitoring, and customer notification expenses. The cost of this coverage depends on factors, such as: 


  • Legal expenses
  • IT forensics 
  • Negotiations and payment of a ransomware demand
  • Data restoration
  • Breach notification to consumers